Leverage trading is one of several types of trading of various assets. It involves the use of any means that are provided to the trader by a third party. Unlike trading ordinary assets from own funds, in an account with access to the same leverage functionality, investors are given the opportunity to increase their capital investment. It is simply about multiplying the capital available for trading by means of a loan. A trader who uses leverage gains the opportunity to make a much higher profit from successful trading transactions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Probably the most obvious advantage of Margin Trading is the fact that it can bring much higher profits considering the same much higher value of the trading position. What’s more, trading with the help of leverage alone is extremely useful for the diversification of your trading strategy. Traders who use leverage can open several positions with relatively small amounts of their own investment capital. Finally, having a margin-type account makes it easier for traders to open positions without having to transfer really large amounts of money between accounts.

As far as the advantages are concerned, we must also mention some disadvantages. Certainly, we have to mention here the risk of increasing the losses incurred. In contrast to normal trading with proprietary trading, leverage introduces the possibility of incurring losses that exceed the trader’s initial investment and as such is considered a trading method that is characterised by a really high level of risk.

Leverage trading in case of crypto

Margin Trading is inherently more risky than ordinary trading. In the world cryptocurrencies, this risk is even higher. Due to the high level of volatility of the prices themselves, is typical for them. We should be especially careful if we take up the subject of crypto. Although there is a belief that hending and the use of various strategies to manage risk itself is able to limit the risk as much as possible, leveraged trading is certainly not very suitable for the beginner crypto enthusiasts.

Margin funding

For traders who do not have a high risk tolerance to be able to trade with leverage on their own, there is a special variant of trading with leverage – the so-called margin funding. Some of the trading platforms, including cryptocurrencies exchanges, offer their users the possibility to use traders’ funds to finance trading transactions with leverage of other users.

At the end

Trading leverage certainly proves to be a useful tool for those who want to increase profits from their successful trading transactions. Applying proper financial leverage can help both in achieving higher return on investment and in diversifying the portfolio.