If you believe the media reports, Twitter wants to add a “tip” function on its platform. Given that the CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, is a fan of BTC, it would come as a surprise if the future service did not take advantage of the possibilities offered by the cryptographers.

Twitter with Bitcoin on board

Although the BTC network has been in operation for eleven years, there are still no real cases of cryptocurrency use. We mean that Bitcoin has become more of a value storehouse, a speculative asset for some, but at the same time a relatively low number of people actually pay for it. For some, the digital currency remains a niche. However, if it was on a large social media platform as a payment tool, it could turn out to be an avalanche.

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CEOTwitter According to an article in The Information and other media, Twitter is currently considering a feature that will allow its users to tip each other. The portals quote anonymous people who are familiar with the company’s ideas. Apparently, nothing is foregone, but the plan seems realistic to implement.

Jack Dorsey hasn’t hidden his love for Bitcoin for years. His company Square allows for cryptic transfers, and he’s currently building a team to base Twitter on decentralized technology.

Dorsey has also supported and promoted the Lightning Network, emphasizing his belief that BTC can be used for daily payments.

Social media 2.0.

Blockcene-based Twitter using cryptic micropayments would bring mainstream social media into a new era. However, the idea itself stands somewhat in contrast to centralised Facebook with its Libra (another thing is that Mark Zuckerberg also once mentioned that decentralisation is the future of social media).

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Of course, the above is only rumors today. Even The Information informants do not want to reveal their identities. However, if Dorsey reaches for this idea and starts to implement it, it is almost certain that he will take advantage of the possibilities that the cryptographers give the world. In turn, the appearance of BTC or other digital currencies on Twitter would have to be welcomed with great enthusiasm and considered a breakthrough.