If you want to feel secure on the web, learn the habit of regularly updating your operating system and web browser at the very beginning. It is also worth investing in antivirus software. These are both important and basic issues and probably because of that they are underestimated by many. It is also worth remembering that using pirate software and torrents also exposes us, as users, to a much greater risk of infecting our computer.

Opening an account on the digital currency exchange requires us to provide an e-mail address. Therefore, it is recommended to set up a separate mailbox for each of the exchanges, which we intend to use. Why? We already explain if you have one e-mail address for all exchanges, accounts or social media, you are exposed to the danger of losing access to it. In addition, it may also happen that the account or its data fall into the wrong hands.

Basic rule: one account = one password

The basic principle of security is to assign a unique password for each account we create. Please also note that if third parties have access to our mailbox, they may also be tempted to change our password. Therefore, logging in to the digital currency exchange or online banking services using only the password and login is not secure.

This is where the two-stage login authorization comes in.

In short, two-stage authentication consists in the fact that after entering the login and password, the system requires us to enter a one-time, unique code sent to us e.g. by SMS or generated by Google Authenticator mobile application. The aforementioned application is available for devices with both Android and iOS operating systems. Its role is to generate six-digit, one-time access codes valid for only 30 seconds. As you can easily guess, the codes are used for logging in. Thanks to this solution, even if someone comes into possession of our password to the account on the stock market, an attempt to log in will burn on the pan. Provided that you do not have access to our mobile phone.

More and more digital currency exchanges are beginning to require a two-stage authentication of their users to ensure security.

A few words about Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator mobile app is available from both Google Play and AppStore.

To enable two-step authentication on the digital currency exchange, you will need to scan the QR code. This can be done using a special Google application or by entering the code received from the stock exchange. In addition, you will need to rewrite the 16-character recovery code. Thanks to it, we can remove 2FA from the exchange in the future. After connecting Google Authenticator to the exchange, we will be required to rewrite the 6-character unique 2FA code, which is valid for 30 seconds, as you can easily guess.