In the first quarter of 2021 the premiere of Satoshis.Games is announced. This is a game called Battle Royale Lightnite, which will allow players to both earn money and dig bitcoin (BTC). The game will be based on Lighing Network Bitcoin. Its project was announced during the LN conference. If you are interested in details related to this project, please read it?

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Everything seems to indicate that Lighting Network has just found application for microtransactions in bitcoins (BTC) in the form of games conducted on the Internet.

How is all this supposed to work?

Lightnite is supposed to use the potential of Lightning Network related to bitcoin (BTC) micropayments. It is worth noting that the game will be played on the Internet and is intended for many players who will receive prizes in the form of bitcoins (BTC) by shooting at other participants of the skirmish or lose them if they are hit themselves. Players will also be able to buy a variety of items. This will be done with a wallet or from the balance of the game. As a tool for direct access to Lightning Network, the team of authors from Satoshi.Games pointed to Bluewallet.

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According to the project’s assumptions, everyone can support Lightnite

Currently, the game’s creator, Satoshis.Games, is in the process of conducting a crowdfunding campaign. Its basic task is to raise funds not only for the production, but also to launch the game. Currently, they have in the pot 2.52% of the required budget, the amount of which is set at an amount in the order of $ 50 000. From the information published on the official website of the game, it can be concluded unequivocally that the finished product will most likely be in the hands of players in February 2021 at the earliest. So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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Lighting Network is constantly growing in strength

Satoshi.Games has added a list of companies that use Lighting Network as a medium for interaction of new bitcoin (BTC) users. As is well known, the LN network still has considerable potential to carry out transactions effectively, which at present can exceed 800 bitcoins (BTC). It should also be remembered that new payment channels are constantly being added to the network.

Will the combination of gaming pleasure translate into profit in bitcoins (BTC)?

The idea of combining the Internet game dedicated to many players is tempting. Especially that thanks to the Lighting Network mechanism they can actually extract bitcoins (BTC). As if it wasn’t Satoshi.Games makes us wait for the final result of our efforts until February 2021. We hope that the required amount of money to launch the project is real. And the results will exceed our expectations.