The well-known US millionaire Bull Pulte, who has already distributed and distributed bitcoins and thousands of dollars in cash, recently admitted that decentralised systems are the future. What does he do and who does Pulte help?

Philanthropist Bill Pulte distributes cash and bitcoins on Twitter

Pulte Capital’s CEO and grandson of late billionaire William John Pulte, who was president and founder of PulteGroup, one of the largest developers in the United States, says peer-to-peer systems are by far the future. Pulte is now handing out bitcoins to support the cause.

The recipients of the Pulte charity are war veterans, a poor family living in a car, cancer patients, or teachers without money to buy school supplies.

A Twitter philanthropist claims that by giving money through social media, he can show people how easy it is to make a direct donation to those in need. By the way, they wanted to attract other billionaires to the action, such as Kylie Jenner – a tycoon of the cosmetics industry.

Pulte, a resident of Oakland County, Michigan, started his philanthropic campaign in July this year, giving people money in parking lots or giving free cars to strangers. He has published videos on Twitter and watched the legion of his fans jump from a five-digit value to 961,600 in five months.

U.S. President Donald Trump helped gather his followers, forwarding efforts to donate exactly $30,000 to a U.S. war veteran. On July 10, Donald Trump forwarded him to his 66.5 million followers and added, “Thank you, Bill.

Bill Pulte is Twittering for a million followers.

In August 2019, Pulte observed that 1 bitcoin was accidentally handed over to a person who would forward his message. Last Sunday, Bill Pulte offered as much as $25,000 to a random person who would then send his tweet.

With just over 960,000 spectators watching, Bill Pulte is as close as possible to achieving his goal. His goal, of course, is to reach the million followers on Twitter. He also said that reaching this milestone will result in a handout of at least one million dollars.

He says he is only one person, but if they could inspire hundreds of thousands of people to give, then it becomes even more interesting.

The rules and criteria for selecting needy people whom Bill Pulte helps can be found here. The action of helping people in need concerns only the citizens of the United States. Undoubtedly, the fact that some millionaire distributes cash as well as bitcoins helps to show cryptocurrencues basically to the whole world. If it can become a tool of philanthropy, then it is really a very good form of promotion, which brings a lot of good to people in need. By the way, they also contribute their own bricks. Whatever, but the whole machine is self-propelling.